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Teddy's Orchard

Teddy's Orchard was added to Riverside the spring of 2023. My Dad, Teddy, inspired the idea.
My family and I headed to Prairie Gardens Greenhouse and we gathered in all the wisdom we could and drew up a plan. The rows are 60 feet in length and seemed daunting, but once we started spacing things out, they filled in beautifully, leaving room for ample growth. The soil is rich and loamy, and with the addition of high quality top soil , we started planting !
    Four varieties of Haskaps
(Aurora, Indigo Gem, Borealis and Honeybee)
  Rubus Blue Raspberries
Sweet Purple Asparagus
Dwarf Goodland Apple
Dwarf Gemini Apple
Cherry Romeo Tree
3 Varieties of Sea Berries ( Sea Buckthorn) - Askola, Leikora, Orange Energy
Blackberries ​
Riverside also has over 100 wild Saskatoon trees, Chokecherries, Pin Cherries and wild raspberries that thrive around the perimeter of the property​
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